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Everyone has heard about eco-friendly building, but what really lies behind all the talk of carbon-neutral homes, alternative energy sources and those unfamiliar construction techniques? SustainableBuild provides the answers in an informative, interesting and thoroughly readable way.
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Ask Our Experts
Ask Our Experts: Composting Toilet: Clean Enough for Environment Agency?, Buying VOC...
Carbon Neutral Homes
Carbon Neutral Homes: Calculating Your Home's Carbon Output, Carbon...
Case Studies
Case Studies: Self Sufficient Housing Developments: A Case Study, A University...
Construction Methods
Construction Methods: Eco Friendly Construction Methods and Materials,...
Energy Sources
Energy Sources: Solar Energy Systems, What is 'Bio-Energy'?, Alternative Types Of...
Financing Your Build
Financing Your Build: Financing Your Sustainable Development Project,...
Green Buildings
Green Buildings: Green Property Audit, What is a Green Building?, Green Speci...
Sustainable Design
Sustainable Design: Careers and Courses for Eco Build, Sustainable Sewage Design, Heating...
Sustainable Locations
Sustainable Locations: Sustainable Building Around the World, Location:...
Types of Construction
Types of Construction: Mongolian Gers & Yurts: Nomads Tents,...
Underground Construction
Underground Construction: At a Green Architecture and Design Conference,...
VIDEOS: VIDEO - Tools Used for Lime Pointing, VIDEO - Lime Pointing, VIDEO -...
Latest Comments
  • Jay
    Re: Grants and Loans for Green Development
    I would like to buy woodland in the UK or a piece of land that we can live on and promote Eco builds and Eco living.…
    30 January 2015
  • SustainableBuild
    Re: Pollution From Construction
    @carly. Arrange a meeting with the council and the developers to negotiate some points over specific issues. You should get an end…
    27 January 2015
  • SustainableBuild
    Re: Pollution From Construction
    @Christine Brody. Your neighbour's building projects should not be affecting you/your garden in this way. Can you get someone from…
    26 January 2015
  • SustainableBuild
    Re: Earth and Construction
    @Anna. Hope you get some good responses. We've also posted this on our sustainable build facebook page to see what responses we get.
    26 January 2015
  • Carly
    Re: Pollution From Construction
    Construction of a development of about 120 houses has just started beside my house. The noise was just about bearable for a few…
    24 January 2015
  • Christine Brody
    Re: Pollution From Construction
    I live in council owned accommodation between 2 privately owned dwellings. The continual resale and redevelopment and employment of…
    22 January 2015
  • Anna
    Re: Earth and Construction
    Hi... Daydreaming for "my" strawbale home that I want eventually to be able to afford and build (post and beam, not loadbearing)...…
    22 January 2015
  • SustainableBuild
    Re: Brownfield Sites
    @Ghindu. There is no such map. A piece of land will be assessed as to whether it is brownfield when proposed developments are made.
    9 January 2015
  • Ghindu?
    Re: Brownfield Sites
    Hello, Please tell me where can I find a map of the brownfield sites ?
    8 January 2015
  • SustainableBuild
    Re: Grey (and Black) Water Recycling Design
    @buck. We've passed this on to our writer to see if he has any suggestions, stay tuned!
    6 January 2015
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