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Everyone has heard about eco-friendly building, but what really lies behind all the talk of carbon-neutral homes, alternative energy sources and those unfamiliar construction techniques? SustainableBuild provides the answers in an informative, interesting and thoroughly readable way.
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Ask Our Experts
Ask Our Experts: Composting Toilet: Clean Enough for Environment Agency?, Buying VOC...
Carbon Neutral Homes
Carbon Neutral Homes: Calculating Your Home's Carbon Output, Carbon...
Case Studies
Case Studies: Self Sufficient Housing Developments: A Case Study, A University...
Construction Methods
Construction Methods: Eco Friendly Construction Methods and Materials,...
Energy Sources
Energy Sources: Solar Energy Systems, What is 'Bio-Energy'?, Alternative Types Of...
Financing Your Build
Financing Your Build: Financing Your Sustainable Development Project,...
Green Buildings
Green Buildings: Green Property Audit, What is a Green Building?, Green Speci...
Sustainable Design
Sustainable Design: Careers and Courses for Eco Build, Sustainable Sewage Design, Heating...
Sustainable Locations
Sustainable Locations: Sustainable Building Around the World, Location:...
Types of Construction
Types of Construction: Mongolian Gers & Yurts: Nomads Tents,...
Underground Construction
Underground Construction: At a Green Architecture and Design Conference,...
VIDEOS: VIDEO - Tools Used for Lime Pointing, VIDEO - Lime Pointing, VIDEO -...
Latest Comments
  • hayheck
    Re: Compost Toilets
    Please could you send me a brochure with prices and installation costs for a playing field in a small village to buy and install a composting…
    16 April 2014
  • dr. smooth
    Re: Eco Friendly Construction Methods and Materials
    Tell those eco Nazis to make me a sandwich.
    8 April 2014
  • Barbara
    Re: Brownfield Sites
    Can Solar farms use Brownfield Land rather than impinge onto arable high grade agricultural land? If so why is this not promoted by government?
    1 April 2014
  • shami
    Re: Underground Construction
    Hello, my doubt is that in underground buildings, how the drainage system works?? If the site topography is sloped, its easy to drain…
    7 March 2014
  • Nayon
    Re: Above or Below? Multi-Level Houses
    Hi We would like to supply fresh and raw Bamboo to your company.We can fulfill your require at any amounts. Thanks a…
    25 February 2014
  • David
    Re: Wind Generators
    Why not install wind gen in all new homes by law, give 100% grants to all homeowners to be repaid from savings in energy bills over period of time,
    3 February 2014
    Re: Greenfield Sites
    This a question, not a comment! Would the retail price of a greenfield site be reflected in the purchase price if the planning was rejected at…
    30 January 2014
  • Patrick
    Re: A Green Roof
    This article is well written and very informative. Thank you and I hope you can continue providing such quality articles.
    17 January 2014
  • sharpy
    Re: Budgeting a Sustainable Development Project
    hi i am going to build an extension to my family home and we are working to a tight budget. We are very…
    5 January 2014
  • Johnno
    Re: Grey (and Black) Water Recycling Design
    Hi I am the founder of the Hideaway sauna/spa on Phuket, 27 years ago. I am planning to build a new sauna/spa on…
    4 January 2014
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