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Grants and Loans for Green Development

By: Jeff Durham - Updated: 5 Mar 2021 | comments*Discuss
Green Development Financial Aid

Most of us are by now, well aware that as consumers, we are all responsible for doing our bit to reduce carbon emissions and to help save the planet. And, although sustainable build projects are largely still in their infancy, the government, with the help of other organisations who have an interest in this area, is keen to offer grants and other assistance, where possible, to help both individuals and businesses alike to address some of these issues.

The Sustainable Development Fund

Our National Parks in the UK represent all that is good about the promotion of sustainable living and since 2002, they have been able to apply for financial aid from the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) to help promote sustainable development. The grant scheme is aimed at encouraging individuals and local communities to develop different ways of living and working whilst, simultaneously, conserving and improving the local wildlife and landscape and preserving local culture and traditions. Projects can get up to 75% of their total cost from a sustainable development grant and this can run from just a small amount up to many thousands of pounds. Encouraging people of all ages and backgrounds to get involved, the National Parks have so far supported projects relating to wood burning heating systems, the harvesting of rainwater, cycle centres and eco-buildings, along with training many young people to become ‘green ambassadors’.

The Energy Savings Trust

Following the 1992 Earth Summit, in Rio de Janeiro, when the real threat of global warming first became prominent from a global perspective, the UK Government set up the Energy Savings Trust a year later to address the damaging effect of climate change and to help cut CO2 emissions by promoting the sustainable and efficient use of energy. Working in conjunction with the electricity, gas and water companies, they can help individual householders with the costs of improving energy efficiency in the home by offering grants and subsidies for things like cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and draught proofing, heating appliances and energy efficient boilers etc.

The Environmental Action Fund

Also run by DEFRA, the Environmental Action Fund (EAF) offers financial aid to both voluntary and community sector groups to support the Government’s sustainable development projects within England. Grants can range from £25,000 over a year to up to £750,000 over 3 years and have been used on projects concerned with biodiversity and others relating to raising awareness and devising strategies to remove barriers to sustainable development in areas such as climate change, resource productivity and waste.

In addition to national projects such as those mentioned above, many other forms of financial help are available via our local authorities and other organisations, both private and public who have a keen interest in the area of sustainable development and who seek to promote the importance of the health and well being of the environment and its inhabitants, both people and wildlife, and protecting the economy and to help encourage us all to live in a sustainable way that doesn’t harm the planet now or for future generations to come.

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Hi my husband and me are building a home to passive standards, we’re have a green roof, rain water harvesting and solar, because of all the insulation we are putting in our home shouldn’t need any central heating. Can anyone tell me if there are any grants to help with the cost. Thank you.
Snoozen - 5-Mar-21 @ 8:05 AM
Hello, Building 2 new homes of natural stone, with wall insulation, loft insulation, under floor heating and air sourced heating pump. Does anyone know where to go for a grant? Many thanks
Ants - 28-Jan-21 @ 8:42 PM
We are building 2 family houses on the same plot. Can you please let me know if there any Government grants available?
Pattie - 24-Oct-20 @ 12:17 PM
Hi my husband and me are building our own home to Passive standards using lots of installation. Can you please let me know if there are any government grants to help with our build thank you
Sur - 24-Oct-20 @ 9:02 AM
Hi, I want to purchase as many acreage as possible and turning it into forest land how can you help me on this project Cheers
Gaz - 8-Oct-20 @ 12:47 PM
We are looking for advice and funding for a large eco building project. Is this something you could consult on?
Nicki - 7-Oct-20 @ 12:19 PM
Hello, we are currently looking into building a sustainable development, there is a comment on here from Sara who is an architectural graduate, if anyone is in Berkshire or the surrounding areas who would like to get in touch I am on LinkedIn and currently work for Henley theatre services, we will need builders, an electrician who understands solar power, landscapers, financial advisers and anyone else who would like to see how they could get involved. Please get in touch
Nicky Johnson - 6-Oct-20 @ 9:50 AM
Could you please confirm if there are any Goverment Grant or funding options as we own a site with Full planning to build detached Passivhaus spec homes. Kind regards Craig
Craig Bowers - 23-Aug-20 @ 7:51 PM
Hi, My partner and I live off grid on a house boat built of reclaimed wood. We keep livestock, grow and hunt our own food and are aiming for a totally self sufficient lifestyle. We are currently setting up an aquaponics system for our veg fruit and plants, also built from reclaimed materials and are hoping to expand into a small business to cover our rent and living costs. We are looking for grant funding to help get us started. Is there anything out there for a project like this?
Sarah - 5-Aug-20 @ 6:44 PM
Hi there, I am in the middle of restoring my flat, it's a very old building so I am doing everything from floorboards up literally. I am based in UK and I was wondering if are there some sort of grants or funding towards eco friendly material for the internal of the flat. Thank you Luca
Luca - 23-Jul-20 @ 10:02 AM
Good morning. We are currently looking to purchace some land tomove onto and keep our horses. We will as much as possible be looking to be off grid definatly utilizing rainwater and grey water harvesting, solar/wind electricity with battery storage (I am an electrician by trade), septic tank construction and after the initial set-up growing our own produce etc. We would be looking at living in a static caravan and using shipping containers for storage and the structure of our stables. I have spent some time searching different grants to try and find somewhere that would fund purcacing equipment however they all seem to want you to use registered companies to install it which would a) be above our budget and b) go against what we are ultimately trying to achieve. Any help on this subject would be welcomed.
Willson - 18-Jul-20 @ 7:34 AM
Hello, I'm an Architectural graduate looking to apply for my masters. I would love to go down the route of sustainable and green Architecture. Is there any advice on getting into this field? Or would this be something I could potentially get funded for? Kind Regards, Sara.
Sara - 15-Jul-20 @ 12:17 PM
Hi im interested in building a small echo retreat or village in Cornwall, is this somthing I could get help with?
ashley beynon - 13-Jul-20 @ 9:27 PM
Hi We are building our own house we have put in triple glazing can we get a grant for this or for any of the insulation or the Air source heating
Helen - 8-Jul-20 @ 10:47 PM
Hi I’m just getting quotes in for my self builder are doing this on a budget as we are a one income family and have a daughter with complex needs..Plumbers are telling us to go Air Source is there a up front grant now this with the new budgetbeing announced today !? I know you can claim back over the next 6/7 years and get paid quarterly..
Gazza - 8-Jul-20 @ 6:43 PM
Good evening i am looking to get some information on new grants as i would like to start building homes out of natural materials, whilst using recycled materials and i will be incorporating renewable technologies into the projects as well. Waste and modern recycling procedures will be added to the properties to minimise waste and to free up the process down the line. Whilst doing all this i will be offering spacious, modern and healthy homes for families to thrive. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you. Charlie Cleaver
Charlie B - 3-Jun-20 @ 9:36 PM
I would like to know if its possible for me to be keto receive a fund from the UK government so thy I cn build the chepet woode small chalet type home for myself to use to live in and also have the outdoors to make garden statues and also do dog grooming in a rural setting as it's proven the grooming dogs in a rural quiet setting helps the dogs immensely. So I'd be using the building to live and work in and once after I get established I can hopefully take on one or two staff. There is also an option of dog day care with long single runs or then to run around without the fear of fighting with other dogs as they would be separated by a fence. This is definitely worth while having lready worked in this sector and there bit being any if these places around. I'd also like to eventually serve uatomers with hydro therapy in a specialised pool but this would be after the turn over allows it. If really appreciate some help and advice Regards Gareth Dale
Gareth - 31-May-20 @ 4:06 PM
We develop eco-friendly gravity based Siphon lift irrigation system with out use of the electricityin village Dhamani Taluka Patan Dist Satara Maharashtra India for the small and marginal land holders. Approximately 305 acer land is irrigated out of which 250 acer land by sprinkler irrigation system 55 acer by gravity flood irrigation system.Here we use the tophography of land projectsave electricity or disel . promoting sustainable agriculture development for the eradication of poverty by generating environmental sustainability such a agro-based environment friendly technology is green technology
Baba - 3-Apr-20 @ 8:18 AM
I asm looking at getting a grant to build a single new house. Are there any grants available for this? Thank you for any help and contacts I could try. Adam
atip - 11-Nov-19 @ 11:50 AM
Hi, This is Sangita from Nepal. I've looking for funding support for the project that helps to encourage to save the environment and get closer to people with the environment. I 'm planning to build an environment-friendly ( Eco-friendly) house for commercial purpose. Do you any suggestion or it would be nice if you can link me with some research institution or agency? Thanks and regards, Sangita
Sangita Budhathoki - 29-Jul-19 @ 8:10 AM
Hi. My husband, a civil engineer, and I, a chemical engineer, are self building a home, with eco-friendly, low-cost and recycled materials. Our project is a smart house, with use of rainwater, water filtration system, use of bamboo for non-energy air conditioning, use of construction materials made with recycled plastic and tires. We want share all the steps of the project on a youtube channel. Can anyone help to point us in the right direction to apply for grants to do this great project? Best regards
Mrs. Matter - 1-Jul-19 @ 6:03 PM
Hi.My wife & I are self building a highly airtight, insulated eco home with GSHP, MVHR, PV solar etc.Can anyone help to point us in the right direction to apply for grants to finish this great project?I'm sure its just the sort of project that the Government would be really proud to help bring to fruition and what people believe should be what government funding should be used for. Many thanks.
DrG - 7-Nov-18 @ 1:59 PM
I live in the Turks and caicos islands and I have taken a price of discarded destroy land and created a eco friendly tourism project from this property. I am trying to go green and solar but need assistance financially. We have tap out most if not all of our savings creating this project.
Charms - 1-Nov-18 @ 9:59 AM
We eco-rich international (pvt ) Ltd.Is established in Sri Lanka recently ,our AIM was find solutions for waste plastic /waste tyre recycle.Therefore we decided to put up a pyrolysis processing plant, To install this we have land and we can provide all the permission from our government authorities,so we are looking for a person or any institute to support us with financially, for further information please contact Nimal Karunaratne .
No - 15-Oct-18 @ 6:27 PM
Hello, I have made a Documentary Film Titled Green Bappa which speaks about putting an end to use of pop idols for ganesh festival immersions and including a new idea of not celebrating ganesh festival where idols need to be immersed. Its a Mumbai, India based festival. I have been screening the film in schools and colleges across Mumbai. Can i get grants for the same as few schools demand free screening.
Mithun M Udyawar - 17-Jul-18 @ 8:50 AM
Hi, we want to get our family out of the private rental housing scam as we’ve had to move so many times, it’s so unsettling. We want to build an eco house, run sustainable living workshops and woodcraft workshops and lay down roots for our family. Please can anyone help advise the best place to look for affordable land that doesn’t cost hundreds of thousands of pounds? Thank you!
Naomi - 24-Jun-18 @ 9:24 PM
Hi All, We are in the process of building a new home from ground up. Currently, our biggest challenge is finance. It almost feels as if the system is rigged in a way to ensure the self builders do not have an easy ride. We are installing Solar tiles, MVHR and rainwater harvesting systems in a 2,200 Sq Ft house. I would if any tips may be provided, both for financing and equipment sourcing/installation. Regards, VM
VM - 18-Jun-18 @ 2:59 PM
Hi everyone, My team and I are currently at college gaining our relevant qualifications to start our business ‘Watts Your Home Emissions& Innovations?’ Our aim is to start a eco-friendly property developing brand specialising in renewable energy installations and eco efficient materials on private and council properties. We will cover solar panels, solar windows, triple glazing, external insulation cladding, mini wind turbines, MVHR air filtration & recycle systems, geothermal boring, earthship garden biotecture, recycled plastic decking, decorative Green walls, Passivhaus cladding, LED lighting and the search goes in for the next idea to save the next generation. We have a number of future staff and managers all training and gaining all nessesary qualification, we will be oporational by July 2019. If this is a successful endeavour our second aim is to create a raffle/lottery for a £10,000/£15,000 eco-home makeover. The home owner would get an inclusive planning day with our interior designer and eco-home advisor. We would hope to run this twice a month for £1.50 a ticket with a total of 50,000 tickets. This would be intitially only a West Midlands based raffle. We would hope to have it on betting shops, social media, local papers, radio and television ads. Watts Your Emissions & Innovations? would provide all the labour and materials required by the prize winner. Thank you for your time and thanks for reading. Jake watts Managing Director
Home emissions - 25-May-18 @ 4:03 AM
Hi I'm interested in funding for schools and PTAs as regards new Eco classrooms. is there any funding and how do i find out about it?
Rosebud - 23-May-18 @ 11:59 AM
BamBam774 - Your Question:
Hi, I am looking into finding Grants, for an Eco project where all Organic food and housing ( Yurts ) will be placed, using only Green Energy.As well as wanting to encourage wildlife to come close on be able to life off of parts of the land as well as Humans, a Glamping site for people to be able to come for holidays and learn how to enjoy a different way of life, than they are used to living at the moment.Any help or Advice would be most welcome.Many ThanksBamBam774

Our Response:
It might be better to focus on the various rural development grants available. Take a look at the grants online website
SustainableBuild - 1-May-18 @ 11:41 AM
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